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I recently had the pleasure of being on a podcast with Mark Allen Kenny. The podcast focuses on my background as well as my thoughts on commercial and residential real estate within the landscape of Covid-19.

Mark is a sharp guy doing a lot of work in the multifamily space. 

A few major points/quotes from the podcast

“There is a huge shift going on where people are moving out of cities. It is drastically effecting value of commercial office space and residential apartments or condos… But for your listeners in the multi-family area it is really changing the value of these bedroom communities.”

“People have a demand for their home to serve as both a home and a satellite office for at least the next 12 months”

“In 10 to 20 years i’m sure cities will be popular. In 2-3 years I don’t know.”

“Safety is both covid related and a product of crime or lack-thereof”

–“If self driving vehicles get on the road, the idea of an hour commute will be nothing”

“You are probably going to see an uptick in satellite offices in bedroom communities”

“Everything comes down to safety… If there is not a real reason your team needs to be in person, you are going to see a real struggle getting people back to offices.”

“I think universities are in such a place to be disrupted… The cost of education has outpaced inflation”


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