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How I Started


In the summer between 10th and 11th grade I was working as a busboy at a local restaurant. I made $250 a week. After a month of bussing tables, a family friend needed a hand with yard work. It was a pretty big job, weeding, mulching, planting a few small trees. I only had 2 days off of work. I hired a few of my best friends to help with the landscaping project so we could finish in time for me to get back to bussing tables.


We finished the job and met my deadline. Completed in 2 days, I paid each of my friends $100 a day for working and I made $500 total. The contrast was huge. Rather than working in a restaurant (which I didn’t particularly enjoy) I was outside, working with friends, getting a tan, and having fun. I had also just made as much money in 2 days as I had made in the previous 2 weeks. I never did go back to work at that restaurant.


Over the years I have bootstrapped a company to an exit, stepped in to help turn around a venture backed oil and technology company and launched an 8-figure business named top startups of NYC (by Inc. Magazine).


It all started with stepping away from my job as a busboy.


Recent Projects


Ignitia Office



$7+ Million in Venture Funding

Named Top Coworking Spaces of NYC


Peak Valuation 8 Figures

Now Industrious


Marketing & Social Media


Restructured Adidas’s Social Media for United States


Youtube– 65 million views- 100k subscribers


Linkedin– 2 million+ Views per month



Other Projects


Turnaround of Small Oil/Technology company that led to exit. Recruited by VC firm who had invested roughly $40m into the venture


Advisor, Board Member, Consultant: Various startups


Various commercial and residential real estate projects


Cofounded, Built & Sold a small chain of CrossFit gyms


Featured in WSJ, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Inc. Etc.


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